Friday, March 03, 2006

Found Weirdness: At Home and in Town

Weirdness, it's all around.

A few days after Valentines day I ran up the stairs heading towards the 3rd floor laundry room of our apartment building. At the top of the stairs was this collection of items...

Leather jacket
stuffed rose (just like a stuffed animal)
woman's bracelet
creative loafing
and a paperback book

On closer examination, the book turns out to be the "South Beach Diet".

It's like a presentation that CSI teachers would use to test their students, what can be deduced by looking at the items left at the top of the stairs. Caroline's deduction was that a breakup had taken place and that items had been chucked out of the apartment. My take on the situation was that a stakeout had taken place, and the object of ones affection had not come up the stairs. The reading material and the leftover token of affection is what seals it for me.

Second strange apartment collection #2, this time right outside our door...

Our hallway is taking on the appearance of a rather nice thrift store. A coffee table, with a collection of small kitchen appliances appeared a little while ago. This evening, new items were added to the small shelf unit that had always lived out there. Tonight's finds: coffee pot, a bread maker and a fondue set. We cherry picked the fondue set. It's not as exciting as the strangely large and appealing bird cage that we grabbed and brought inside.

Every day is an opening day and our hallway is adding new stock all the time.

Lastly, for those with a love of breath-takingly bad taste, I offer up this rust-colored, suede covered bedroom set, with built-in lights, and mirror-covered tops. It is in amazingly good shape and the best part is the bed's built-in AM/FM radio. Could be 8-track, but I can't be sure.

The bed and dresser were found at 14th Street Antiques (Google Map).

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Amber said...

Wow. It's like you keep finding still life in your hallway.

As for the birdcage... now you just need some birds! (If for whatever reason my remaining two finches can't stay with me after I move, I'm sure they'd be happy to move into your fabulously furnished apartment.)