Saturday, January 28, 2006

Art A Go-Go: New Shows in Atl

Good intentions about writing this article days ago were ruined by a busy work schedule.

I try to be a cheerleader for the people who employ me, so let me tell you about some new gallery/museum shows that won't cost you a dime. They aren't that hard to get to, so think about these shows when wondering what to in town on the cheap.


The Museum of Design Atlanta (located in the Lobby and Garden Levels of the Marquis II Office Tower) had openings Thursday, with "The Home House Project: The Future of Affordable Housing," "Affordable Housing: Designing an American Asset," and "A City of Neighborhoods: Visions of the Beltline."

Show one, "House/Home" is a collection of proposed projects where architects tackle the three problems of affordable housing, aesthetic design and environmental concerns.

The second MODA show, "Affordable Housing: Designing an American Asset," comes from the National Building museum and talks about the start of the affordable housing movement in the late 1900's until the present. A collection of completed housing solutions around the country are used to illustrate principles of affordability with an eye on integrating these new projects into existing communities.

The third MODA show is also the most locally relevant. The museums education department has been going to local schools and talking to kids about the new Beltline Project. The kids in turn have been crafting models of how they see the future Beltline sites, mainly transit stations.

These exhibits are located in all of the museums three galleries, on two separate floors.


The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (Google Map) opened three paper-related art shows Friday evening...

Mail Room - Mail art from the collections of Benjamin Jones, Ruth Laxson, and Kathy Yancey
Exquisite Corpse - Collaborative drawings by Melissa Herrington, Benjamin Jones, Alex Kvares, D.E. Johnson, Ruth Laxson, and Kathy Yancey
Paper Garden - an installation comprised of recycled junk mail by Marilee Keys

Also, in conjunction with the fine arts displays, The Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking at Georgia Tech is presenting "World of Watermarks" in the CAC's gallery. I posted about the paper museum on January 14, and the CAC show is an even better opportunity to see a collection of good shows including theirs. Finally, it was with Auburn, GA artist Marilee Keys that I got to work with, aiding in her installation.


Bridge to Nowhere, originally uploaded by Mr. Kimberly.

Deadend Bridge at the end of Bankhead Highway near the Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center.


So, go see some art.


Inside The Perimeter (Flickr) said about the bridge...

"This is one of my favorite things in Atlanta. Every time I try to get a good picture of it I get thrown off the property by the security guard."

I was determined not to get pissed, but I had the same thing happen to me. When asked why I was taking the picture, I just told her I worked at the arts center and she was a polite as can be. But it bugged me that I was made to feel like a criminal just for taking pictures.


Amber said...

Sorry I missed the opening of the Beltline thing. I really, really wanted to go - but last week was a frickin' crazy week at work, and I was exhausted by the time I got home Thursday.

Speaking of work - that bridge looms over the parking lot of my office. I took a few pictures of it a couple of months ago - start here and click forward for 3 more pictures.

And I had no idea that that that building was the ATL Contemporary Arts Center. I'll have to walk over from work one day during lunch and check out the goods!

Amber said...

And btw, it's Bankhead Highway, not Buckhead.

Robert said...

Correction noted, thanks.

Amber said...

was determined not to get pissed, but I had the same thing happen to me. When asked why I was taking the picture, I just told her I worked at the arts center and she was a polite as can be.

Funny, because that security guard (actually I've never seen a woman; only an older black man) is only around once or twice a week at the most. Obviously no one bothered me when I was taking pictures. But if they had, I woulda flashed my [enter my workplace here] badge and been like, "I'm with the press, biatch!"

There are often professional photographers up there with models. A few weeks ago there was a whole group of people up on it. And this week someone painted "OLIVE JUICE" on the side, only the J is backwards.