Saturday, January 14, 2006

It Sounded Good on... A Visit to The Robert C. Williams Paper Museum

A couple of days ago, my workday at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center ended a little early. I had been asking the folks I was working with if there were any small/quirky museums to hit in town that I didn't know about. They mentioned The Robert C. Williams Paper Museum at Georgia Tech. Now I know what you're thinking, "Holy crap, a whole museum dedicated to paper!!! I wish I was there right now!"

The above image is one of the many watermarks that the museum has. These hidden images were incorperated into blank paper, and had been initially used to show that skilled workers were used in paper production.

The exhibition spaces aren't huge, but the displays are a lot more interesting than they should be and the collection of artifacts cover more centuries and countries then I ever imagined.

And it's free. So... um... paper museum, cool.

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Amber said...

I kind of do wish I was there right now.

Today Rusty and I went to that retro store in Decatur, and he got an awesome pull-down classroom thing from 1956, with the theme "The Rise of the Common Man." We took pictures. I'm sure he'll post them later. There was so much I wanted to buy in that store.