Thursday, December 08, 2005

Parental Fun and Jon Stewart

Tonight ends a 3-day visit with the folks.

Tuesday night: Chinese food at Golden Buddha, yum.
Wednesday: the aquarium = excellent!
Thursday: their visit to the High Museum, they loved it. And our dinner at Dante's, Dante (the owner) stopped by our table and is even more chatty then my dad.


And now for something completely different...

"...I will not rest until every year families gather to spend December 25 together at Osama's home-abortion commie/pot jizzporium."

- Dec 7th, 2005. Jon Stewart responding to Bill O"Reilly's featuring of a 2004 Daily Show clip as proof of the show's anti-Christmas crusade. Jon returned the favor by offering up himself to Bill as his personal enemy, starting with the Osama quote.

Happy Holidays.


duane said...

So the aquarium rocked?? Can't wait! We are going on the 23rd! And we have season passes!

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart is a babe.