Sunday, December 11, 2005

Did I Make Duane Forget His Keys?: Last Night's Party

"... hanging in the door, were my keys. Yup. Not only did I leave the keys to my semi-new car outside merely steps from the actual vehicle, but I left the token of entry to our home in a place where it would have required no effort to break in and kill us, rob us, etc."

Last night, Chez Kimberly (a.k.a. our apartment) was host to a small party. Included on the guest were online local folk Duane, Amber and her GDBF. The above quote about misplaced car-keys got me wondering if the night's event was to blame for him leaving his keys out in the cold. If so, sorry.

It was interesting to tell my wife's co-workers that I had never met two of the people invited. While not said aloud, sometimes I can hear the question, "Why would you want to meet someone you only know by reading about?" My thinking is that they wouldn't pass up the opportunity to meet John Keats (dead) or Oscar Wilde (ditto) solely based on their writings. So, Duane and Amber were asked because I liked what they thought and how they said it. Plus they brought good stuff to the party, just like I thought they might.

It was nice finally meeting the people behind the blogs, seeing how they matched up with their words. I didn't talk to them as much as I wanted, but I was trying to appear smart in front of Caroline's G-Tech colleagues so as not to embarass her. I think I held my own.

The food went over well, the people seemed to enjoy the party, and it was 2:20 am when the last ones made it out the door. All-in-all, a great night.

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duane said...

Thanks for inviting us! You weren't the cause of the key incident... James was... but that is a story for a different day. As for getting together, I would love to do so again, I agree, we didn't talk as much as we should have. But that is the nature of parties! Hope to see you around again soon...