Monday, October 03, 2005

Judging the Judge: GWB's New Nominee

GW has nominated Harriet Miers as his choice for supreme court. Never married, no children, never a justice, she hasn't left much of trail. Democrats are amused that she gave to the Gore presidential campaign, religious conservatives don't like that she hasn't voiced a their agenda. Me, I made the comment that it would be pretty funny if George W. put the first lesbian on the supreme court. My wife...

"She looks nice for a barren spinster."

My sweetie has a mean since of humor. Love her so!

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duane said...

you wanted to know how I felt: well, I see her much like I see Roberts: she is unknown, so she is unpredictable. Obviously, tight with W, so that is bad. Obviously ties with the church, and considering the stuff that is going on right now, that is probably bad too... Only redeeming quality; she is a woman. For a gay man, I sure do love women. After all, they tend to be much smarter and much more compassionate than men.

I never thought about the lesbian thing... that would nullify most everything I said (except the props to the ladies); and would actually make me happy! Nothing like having a lesbian on your side; trust me. I know.