Saturday, September 17, 2005


I would be the coolest dad ever if I had this! I love this thing, although it doesn't look like it's a light stroller.

The search for cool baby stuff is taking place even though there is no bun in the oven. Daddy Types, the weblog for new dads has the same approach to kids stuff as most men have towards cars.

My wife loves the Glarkware 'Dingo snack" shirt, we can afford an IKEA ANTILOP high chair, we can't afford one item from Modernseed. I may be able to get the wife onboard with an OrbitBaby baby chair/stroller/car seat system. Or not.

But raising kids is an exercise in moral and social responsibility. Little did I know that as potential parents that we would have to look out for fascist aggitators cruising the pre-schools for disillusioned tots.

SF, originally uploaded by squirrelene.


mattyglv said...

for some more fun baby t-shirts check out

this site is highly offensive to pretty much anyone...there is no such thing as political correctness or censorship on this site. if you are easily offended skip the hell part and just click on the baby hell link. the baby tees are less offensive and pretty freakin witty. like the instant classic "all mommy wanted was a backrub"

good times


Robert said...

I'm rather partial to this one...

...nice to see you reading, Mr. Griggs.

Mr. Kimberly said...

Sweet metal pram found on