Monday, September 19, 2005

Art Stuff Weekend

Two weeks ago at the opening at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, I ran into a friend from New Orleans. Mark's a displaced gallery manager who landed on his feet at Marcia Wood's. I hadn't seen him in years and meeting up with was great. I used to work with him at a New Orleans gallery, and it was not only nice to see a familar face, but good to have contact locally in the art scene. He told Marcia that I hands like a surgon and she asked if I could remove schrapnel from an old war wound of her's. I told her five minutes with an X-Acto knife and I'd make her right as rain.

I did art stuff on Friday at the Castleberry Hill Art Stroll. I'm digging the fact that Atlanta has a collection of neighborhoods that all have gallery areas of their own. It means that opens happen regularly, allowing to visit these different areas.

Castleberry Art Stroll, originally uploaded by MDL.

The cute japanime from Kevin Fitzgerald is being shown at "local businessman," 263 Peters St. Much of the work at the various galleries was fine, but by far the most provocative pieces were at the Wertz Contemporary. Three of the pieces took took Nike/sports advertising and turned that style into a commentary on the how sports are targeted as the only means out of poverty for black youths. Good stuff.

Saturday was spent at the Saltworks Gallery checking out the Prema Murthy show and then on to the Moog documentary at Eyedrum. The Murthy works are images based on visual representation of data relating to Atlanta. The works themselves are quite nice, but leave you feeling out of the loop as they don't communicate the info that lead to their creation. Worth seeing for the abstract results. The movie was good but the post-flick music didn't meet the high standards that the movie performances had set. Less technical musicianship and more noise-making and knob-twiddling. Left at 11pm, before the event was over.

Sunday was spent at the free meditation courses offered at Georgia Tech and followed by a night with Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.


Mark said...

Hey I'm sorry we didn't meat up there. I arrived pretty late, had a bite at Slice and only had time for a couple of galleries before closing time.

Glad to hear some one else is interested and has connections to the art world. Please let me know when there are other openings.

signed up on some gallery emails list servs. Hopeful can stay in the know.

la.dauphine said...

For me, the beauty of art is that in many cases, it's not Spelled Out for you but rather leaves room for interpretation. Otherwise, it ceases to be art, non?