Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hi-Tech Done Old-School

I like old things. Art deco, mid-century mod, sweet rides. So when I saw Mister Jalopy's vintage-radio-console/digital media center (MegaGiant Wood Ipod Eliminates Mugging Threat!) I saw a man after my own heart. To eliminate the shiny white iPod, a real wood iPod by ZapWizard would finish off the project beautifully.

I've had visions of the same concept. My dream system would be housed in a Zenith Stratosphere (Model 1000Z, 1935-1938) with a touch screen replacing the large radio dial. The whole thing would be powered by an Apple of some sort. The image of the Stratosphere radio to the right is from Old Radio Zone.

The best execution of the retro/modern electronic idea are the lovely cable-ready reproductions from Telstar, The Official Predicta Television Company (see the bottom image). They offer both floor and table versions of these great TVs. While the original Philco Predicta models are occasionally available, the new ones from Telstar have color-tubes, remote controls, and are built from scratch.

For the full history of the Philco Predicta (or the even more striking West German Kuba Kornet) go to The MZTV Museum of Television site's 3-D Interactive Gallery.

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