Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Cycle of Life: Or Something to That Effect

In two bits of irony, on Friday:

A) at 12 noon I got a frantic phone call, the Las Vegas Art Museum needed help finishing the installation of a show opening at 6:30 pm because their head art installer went to the hospital. What little that needed to be finished was done in time and they all seemed happy.

Why ironic? Because I got hired by the LVAM as the head art installer in 2001 when I got a similar panic-stricken call. But that time the then-newly hired director fired the same guy that fell ill on Friday. What kind of director fires their only main guy in the middle of an extremely brief turnaround? But it got me a job until I left for the Guggenheim Las Vegas. Which closed a year and a half after it opened, and now got turned into this.

B) Same day I met Diana from Global Art Transport (Vegas based? Maybe.)

Why ironic? Hers is the kind of company I wished I could have worked for instead of the non-art related job that I had for the last 2 years.

My wife commented on the irony, told me to get over it and keep packing! Whoophah!

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