Monday, July 18, 2005

Immanuel Temple - Lincoln, Nebraska

Seen during a recent visit to Lincoln, Nebraska . . .

. . . This googie-style coffeeshop/restaurant reclaimed as a house of worship with an enthusiastic/discriminatory embrace of Jesus and his teachings.

Amen and fantastic.


The Muse said...

Completely random, I know, but I met a guy last night who knows you through blog world. I, too, am a Las Vegas Native who was transplanted to Atlanta. Granted, I've been in Georgia for 11 years (almost 2 in Atlanta), but I still stick close to my Vegas roots. Looking forward to watching your progress out here!

David said...

It's closed now. Who knows where they went? This sign isn't far from where I live, and I've joked "I know why this church failed... they only allowed Jesus in, and nobody else!"

May it rest in peace.

It used to be a furniture store before it was a church.