Monday, January 07, 2013

Talking About Making Art: Success & Fail

Months ago,  I concluded other people have better tools to make some art I've been thinking about.   So, I started to hunt for a local laser cutting company.  Laser cutting = geeky high tech awesomeness.  Googling came up with Texas Laser Creations based in Houston.

From their website:

"Texas Laser is a Houston area based laser cutting /laser marking job shop, specializing in plastics, wood and textiles."

What the website should have said was...

"Thank you for visiting our out-of-date website.  Texas Laser was a laser cutting company that moved out of our first former crappy shop which still bears our name (and now looks like a set for a serial-killer movie), and after moving a second location, went out of business.  If you had called our number (or checked out our two bad online reviews) you could have saved yourself a trip."
The first place, seriously weird vibe.  After driving rural industrial roads, I pull into a busted up commercial space: parking lot with scrapped cars, locked office, and three garage doors.  Last one open.  Out of it rides a little kid on a bike.  I knock at the open garage door, asking a question that's pretty obvious, "Is this still the laser place?"  The sketchy guy watching loud TV says, "No sir."

However, it was a nice drive.  Houston always surprises me with it continual business/residential mix.  And in that part of town, lots of modest horse properties with old trees.

So, not as much art making as desired, but always nice getting introduced to strange new parts of town.

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