Tuesday, January 04, 2011

While Waiting for Green Hornet Tix, FanBoys Talk about Houston (Using Swear Words)

While checking in to see if I won tickets for Ain't It Cool's Houston movie ticket giveaway, I saw the following comments... 

I've been to Houston a few times and I will say this -
"The women there are FUCKING HOT! And I mean HOT HOT HOT! Hotter than Austin - Hotter than LA (which by the way is packed with pretty ugly ones - go figure?). Take a stroll through the Houston Galleria and get ready to welcome your dick back from the dead... ...That was the first place I ever had Blue Bell ice cream and man, that shit has to have cocaine in it - it's as addictive as cigarettes."

The Houstonians are a lost people...
"...and they should be left alone."

I like the second one a lot and can only hope the the women of Houston know how lucky they are when ever Professor_Monster is in town.  So. Lucky.

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