Saturday, March 27, 2010

Endangered Attraction: Austin's Cathedral of Junk (Part 1 - No Photos)

Austin's Cathedral of Junk has survived decades of Texas weather to only be possibly done in by a single complaint.  The city received a recent complaint purportedly from a visitor stating that they felt unsafe after going through the cathedral.  My personal first thought was that it's someone with an ax to grind, but granted the structure feels precarious and does not evoke feelings of safety.  So, don't go!  The place was found in violation (no surprise, codes weren't intended with an attraction such as this in mind) and Vince Hannemann has until the end of March to bring the Cathedral up to code or demo the whole place.

I found this out on Thursday, the first day of a three day trip spent in Austin.  So, I had to visit the CoJ on Friday.  It had already undergone some transformation since my March 2009 visit, gone was access to the upper tiers and demolished was the visitor's center shed.

I have no hopes about this surviving without the intervention of higher ups.  When I was there, Vince was heading out to a meeting with the mayor (and/or the mayor's office.)  I wished him well, knowing it was all I could do.  

I'll be posting a Part 2 to this post, Flickr has been cranky with online editing.  Once those pix are looking right, they'll be here on the blog.

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