Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Car? = New Possiblities, Texan Style

We've been a one car family for over a decade now. My last car was 1975 Olds Delta 88 convertible. 18 feet long, one working brake, a leaky canvas top that invited New Orleans rainstorms in, and damaged front struts that left a mechanic so shaken he told me to store the car as close to his shop as possible since I couldn't afford the needed repairs.

I still miss that car.

Time passes, people get married, they fool around, give the grandparents a grandaughter to love. Obligations and a kid make the idea of another car sound nice. Recently, my pop made an offer of possibly giving us his used car. A big ass old-people Buick. It has no sexy in it what so ever. Something would be done, and I was daydreaming/searching on my iPhone on how to buy steer horns to mount on the front of this yet-unowned car. At dinner, I tell my wife these thoughts, that maybe the car would have horns on the outside, and a indians and cowboys diorama on the inside dash, illustrating Texas history in little scenes.

She says to me, if we have that car you should probably make an art car. And you should put a recreation of Caddilac Ranch in the rear window deck. Holy Great Ideas! I just got the green light for an art car. No discussion, just you should do it!

Where's my sketchbook?... In the meantime Bumsteer seems to be the place for my cow-using car alterations.

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