Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let the End-of-Year Navel Gazing Begin + Visions of A Brave New Year

2009: The Year of Sloth

...at least that's how it feels right now.  But isn't this quiet time before the New Year just perfect for dwelling on all the failures and missed opportunities of the past year.  So easy to do so.

2010 Goals:

  1. Stop dwelling on all the failures and missed opportunities of the past year.  Not so easy to do.
  2. Find that inspirational New Year resolutions post I read online yesterday.  Read something good by a creative type (could swear it was Karen O!) about productive strategies and not sabotaging yourself in the process.  Now, I couldn't find it to save my life.  Why is the Internet so big?
  3. Blog more.  This website (and Flickr) has put me touch with some good people and the occasional paying gig.  I like interesting people and $$$.  More of those, please!
  4. Write more.  National Novel Writing month had me busting out some decent writing on a long term book.  Since then nada.  Not feeling the Muse.  Find Muse.  Feel up Muse.
  5. Make more music.  Got a good start on some electronic noodling that I'm pretty pleased about.  But I'm reaching the limits of my musical skills and need to get some feedback.  Looking to find some Houston based peeps for help.  So, do that.
  6.  Be a better husband.  My missus is fantastic.  Be the husband she deserves.  'Nuff said.
 2009 is moving away in the rearview mirror, and I'll be spending the new year with two great women of my life and a lot of opportunities that are only mine to screw up.

That's not such a hard list.

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