Friday, September 04, 2009

An Open Letter to AT & T U-Verse: How Not To Make A First Impression

Hi AT & T,

So, the 2nd phone call was amusing. After scheduling the appointment and choosing our time, got a call from Mary. Apparently the address we gave the first person was confusing the service system, not being able to figure out where we lived based on what the account person entered. Once Mary added "St."  All seemed well and we rescheduled for Tuesday between 11am-1pm.

Or so I thought. An automated phone call confirmed that a service call was being made Wednesday between 1pm and 3pm.  Sure, fine.  2:30pm, got a call from Jay.  Nice guy.  Checks the existing outlets, runs a cable, gets the Residential Gateway up and running.  Go to the U-verse online portal to activate the service.  Jay is confused by the page he sees.  It's not what an active account should see.  His side of the  phone call sounded like this:

"The account was canceled?
"...How many places does an order have to go through?
"...Can you put me through to tier 2?"

... and other signs that all was not well.

5pm.  Jay was in his truck, chilling, not wanting to linger in the apartment.  He's got the account order repossessed/started from scratch.  Once he got the call, he would come back inside and finish his install. I looked forward to seeing him.

6ish.  Jay's back.  All is well.  Showing me tricks on the DVR.  Where's the HBO we ordered.  Jay gets back on his cell.

Minutes later, HBO.  There was much rejoicing. 

So, far, AT & T.  You've made an impression on us here at the house.  Not a good one.  Try harder to look better than Comcast.

(Hopefully won't) talk to you late,

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John said...

I think you will be pleased in the long term. I had an uneventful install, even though they discovered there was no drop from the phone network into my new house (at all!) and had to call someone out.

I'm finding it all works much better than Comcast, and I suspect that you'll be pleased after this initial bump in the road.