Monday, May 04, 2009

Jet Skiing Buffalo Bayou: Good Idea OR Great Idea

Every once in a while, the idea of jet skiing Buffalo Bayou pops into my head. A video would be posted on YouTube, blogger fame would follow, and soon I would be rich. Since my wife admits to being a buzz murderer, this and many other flights of fancy will never be lived out. Thus leaving us no more destitute then before and just leaving me with a jet ski-shaped hole in my soul.

But a google search finds one couple that took that little trip. Back in '97, Karen and Will drove the waterway. That's all the info I could find. That and this picture. Nice.

Say what you want about the nastiness that is BB, I still think it a great idea.


Bill Shirley said...

My step-mother has done this trip in a small boat. You can no longer access upper Buffalo Bayou from the south. Since 9/11 you cannot travel though the ship channel turning basin in any kind of craft. I suppose the other option is to put in north of there.

Brit said...

My friend Tom kayaked the entire bayou with the Houston Press in tow.

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to do this for quite some time now. I think it would be hilarious zipping through downtown and stopping off at Allen's landing and getting lunch somewhere would be even more hysterical. I knew I couldn't be the first person who has wanted to do this. But where you would be able to actually get the things in the water is the question. If I can find a place, I am so talking someone into doing this so I can ride it. It would be the highlight of my year.