Monday, March 23, 2009

The Next Show: Henrique Oliveira @ Rice University Art Gallery

The Henrique Oliveira show is what I've been assisting with for the last few weeks. The piece he created often had four assistants working, it was that large and involved.

The above invitation photo is just a small detail of the huge wall-mounted installation that Henrique created for the Rice Gallery. Their website has in-progress photos of the now-completed artwork.

Brazilian TV channel featured Henrique on their show Metrópolis (video), but unless you understand Portuguese just go the Rice Gallery's page hosting the video with translation.

If you are in Houston, the Thursday evening opening and Friday lunch/lecture with artist are free and public. If you have the time, you can't beat the price. And the art is pretty fantastic to boot.

And lastly, if you enjoy the show you'll be in good company, Kanye West likes Henrique Oliveira.

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Artist's Website - Henrique Oliveira

Facebook | Rice Gallery


Annie said...

This looks interesting. Thanks for the art tip. I'll click on over to the Rice link now.

Mr. Kimberly said...

Annie - there's nothing else like this in Houston. Worth a visit before you leave town.

Correction - Due to time constraints, the flier used an image from a previous installation.