Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Austin Bound: Looking for Tips?

Me and the missus and the kid will be Austin-bound for the weekend. This will be our first visit to our fair state's capital. So, for those out there with tips, recommendations and places to avoid drop me a line or leave a comment. I'm looking at you my 26 feed subscribers and 10 followers! Throw me some love and good ideas.

My only must-see, the Cathedral of Junk...


Annie said...


OK, so I do not know how to insert a link into blogger comment; however, the Blanton Museum of Art is having "Birth of the Cool" exhibit if you're into the whole midcentury California art, design, culture scene.

I always like visiting the Elizabet Ney Museum but that's probably because I used to hang out there when I was a kid, before it was a museum.

Zilker Botanical Garden Center is another suggestion.

I like to shop at The Domain when I'm in Austin: everything from modern "Loft" to "Shabby Chic" (if "Shabby" is still open...chapter 11, etc.)

Dootzy said...

I would also suggest the Magnolia Cafe, the Museum of the Natural and Artificial Ephemerata and the World's Largest Longhorn.

Mr. Kimberly said...

Anne - Thanks for your suggestions. The museum opening is tonight (Friday) and we will be attending the opening.

Dootzy - I love things that are the "World's Longest!"