Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Things I Will Never Do: Dangerous Exploration of Unusual Places

Between marriage and cowardice, I have an aversion to risky behavior. While I would love to skydive, I've been informed that that is no longer an option (as is going to a strip club, which I never did despite 5 years single spent in New Orleans). While the idea of exploring abandoned buildings has intrigued me for some time, it will never happen. So it is through others I live vicariously, and no more so than the folks of Sleepy City.

If it was just exploring forgotten century-old tunnels behind the base of Niagara Falls or an abandoned rocket aimed at the center of the earth, that would be more than enough. But the adventures of visiting unused Soviet-era bases in Mongolia are just the icing on the cake. Living a dream I never even thought of having, these guys just amaze. So, scoff at their intentions or even disbelieve that anyone would even take an adventure like that. For me, it is proof that these guys carry on the traditions of great explorers long before them, this time with digital cameras and tattoos.

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