Monday, November 17, 2008

More Houston Museums: Weird, Electric & Dead Popes on Display

Just when I thought I had exhausted all the nuggets of cultural quirkiness in Houston, I find more. While I missed the latest Sunday Eyeopener Tour (NOT a morning person) by the Orange Show Foundation, their online post mentioned the Gulf Coast Electronics Museum. I am now working on finding out more about this newly discovered museum.

My hunt for the electronics museum led me to search Flickr and finding favoritething's collection of Houston shots, including the above shot. Although not pictured in her photoset, she mentioned the Museum of the Weird, a venue I thought long closed due to a lack of recent info. Google shows a museum of that name in Austin, looking just like a dime museum of oddities. Not sure if the Houston and Austin museums are related.

As for the long-ago visited National Museum of Funeral History I need to go again to see their dead pope exhibit. At 5,000 square feet of display space, I'm intrigued at what is taking up all the room.

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