Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vote Early and Vote Often

Texas has the option of early voting, so me and the missus hit the polling station on Thursday. We had the kid in tow and she charmed the folks in the line. While waiting we joked about making a onesie that said, "I only smile at Obama supporters." I'm sure all the people in line were silently assigning party affiliations to everyone around them. I know I was judging on looks.

Some people made it easy to know who they weren't voting for.


Anonymous said...

I could not live in Texas. I find it hard enough when I see the [extremely rare] McCain sign here in Marin County, where liberals outnumber conservatives by about 1000 to 1.


Anonymous said...

Don't jump to conclusions about all of Texas, Kel. This was also the polling place with several politely vocal Obama supporters, including the GLBT Caucus. And there are definitely more Obama signs in the neighborhoods near us. Granted, we do live in the Haight-Ashbury part of Houston, but there are definitely some very "blue" areas even in this "red" state (just as Orange County doesn't CA make!). love, Dr. Mr. K

Pj Perez said...

If we can get the fashion police along with the thought police, then Obama's my man. Oh, what's that, Cheap Trick? They'd like dream police, too.

Anonymous said...

good lord!

Kudos for your early vote.

Mom is safely back in VA. Sorry you called during that chaos!

-Mr. Cook