Sunday, October 07, 2007

One-Job-One-Car Family

Since we moved to Houston, we are a one-car-one-job family. While the missus has worked full-time teaching, I have almost always worked a collection of on-call art and theater positions. Like fitting small puzzle pieces around a larger one, my jobs have always fit around her schedule. And it has always worked to our advantage. For over nine years, we have been a one-car family and it works well for us.

Recently, I interviewed with a great Houston-based company. It was almost a dream come true, a combination of art installation and fabrication. I have been so used to working freelance, it came as a complete surprise to me that they offered their employees full-time work. I told them that, while I probably couldn't take it, I'd need to talk to the missus about it before I could make a firm decision.

If I took the job, we would have to buy a second car immediately (and incur a whole set of new expenses relating to it). Further, expecting our first child, my wife and I need to have flexibility in our schedules that a full-time job for me wouldn't allow. So, for the time being, I'm taking a pass on the job, and we'll postpone the purchase of another car until our baby's arrival is closer.

Job or no job, I keep thinking that this new daughter of mine is going to be getting cool toys and goodies at the expense of all the goodies I want!

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The OC Register has an interesting article about a family that got rid of their car and ended up saving a lot of money. - Life: Giving up gasoline and getting in gear

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VEGASinsight said...

Just letting you know I'm reading. And empathize. My ex-wife and I were a one-car, one-job family for a long time. I think I didn't haven't a license even for a few years. Except I was the one who worked full-time, and she did a bunch of odd jobs and went to school. Remember the CAT bus system in Vegas? Try being reliant on it every day of your life for seven years. YIKES.