Monday, March 17, 2008

New Tunes for a New Kid

One of the things parents can buy for new kids are electronic devices meant to play lullaby songs or white noise. Some of the soundmakers we have found at various stores make me and the missus cringe. Obnoxious, tinny-sounding kiddy tunes coming from cheap speakers. The idea of living with that kind of annoying noise for baby's sake, no thanks.

Playing parental DJ, I've been thinking about what kid-appropriate tunes I have. Last Christmas, I asked for electronic music pioneer Raymond Scott's "Soothing Sounds for Baby." Some of our parents took that as a sign that one was soon on the way. It was just proof that I had strange taste in music. A year later a baby did arrive and Mr. Scott's music has been played for our sweet girl (who approves.)

The purchase of an cheap iPod dock means I need to make Z. a playlist from my music collection. Maybe the electronic noodlings of Casino Versus Japan (who created the song "Untitled" for the Bada Bing! compilation "Soothing Sounds For Raymond"), Goldfrapp's Felt Mountain, the warm, analog covers by Mr. Hopskinson's Computer, and 8-bit video game fans The Hunt for Yoshi. Oh, the strangeness she will be exposed to.

Before she was born, the missus would listen to Puffy Amiyumi. My wife said the music made baby dance inside her like Elaine danced on Seinfield.

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To get a sleepy kid out of bed, Black Rattle's awesome heavy metal versions of Where is Thumpkin? and The Itsy Bisty Spider.

Audio links from comedian Greg Behrendt's site.

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Amber said...

Your kid is going to be the coolest. Heck, she already is.