Saturday, November 03, 2007

NaNoWriMo: Maybe There's Something To This...

Not being a 9-5 kind of guy has left me pretty unstructured. Recent work schedules have had me working early days and late nights. Which makes sense because they revolve around the client's goals. This randomness appeals to my indulgent nature, but it has ruined me in the past. I've been hard-pressed to make demands upon myself even as I contend with the desire to create and be creative.

National Novel Writing Month might not yield a book when December comes. But I have already printed up a second new short story. The continual writing has been fairly easy. The hardest thing has been translating ideas first visually imagined for a graphic novel or movie and wrapping words around the images.

I've never been one to feel limited by my imagination. My ability to take an idea to fruition always failed me. But these new habits of writing are slowly coming to me and reading completed work has been reassuring. I'm looking forward to some feedback which the missus has promised.

I'm not used to being pleased with myself. Not a bad feeling at all.


VEGASinsight said...

"My ability to take an idea to fruition always failed me."

You and me both, bub. Good to see you're getting somewhere. I feel like a constant failure in that aspect, which is perhaps why I haven't felt confident enough to make the leap to freelance full-time, as opposed to maintaining steady editorial employment working for someone else. Ugh.

Mr. Kimberly said...

Umm.. since this post, I can't say I've been too productive.

I think its a rare breed that can write often, and even fewer that can make a living from it. If someone's writing their hands off doesn't mean they would be making the dough needed for a decent living.

While your creative soul may feel stifled, your bank account is better off (for now)!