Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hard-Working Slacker

The last week and two days have been spent working at the Alley Theater, installing lights for their "Christmas Carol." It was the most intensive, rigorous theatrical lighting job I've done. Most of the shows I've worked in the past have been traveling rock and roll shows in roadhouses or arenas, and touring performers/small theater companies in small venues for short runs. This is a much different thing. This show (whose lights and sets look mighty impressive) will be running until December. The detailed set and effects-laden lighting meant a longer set-up time to really wring out the details and meet the Light Designer's standards. Hoping to see this one once it opens to the public.

The hard work stole my time away from blogging, writing for NaNoWriMo and everything else. Now, on a day off I'm lying here, typing up this post, researching old Vegas phone numbers for some fiction, and procrastinating about calling a gallery about some on-call art installation work. In the other room, a list of tasks waits to pounce on me.

I can slack a little longer before guilt gets me out of bed.

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