Sunday, October 21, 2007

Grace: A Definition

Grace. It's not a word that I hear often used as an adjective. If used at all, it is on a casual level. Like someone with good balance moves with grace. But the word has a deeper meaning, because my wife has it in abundance.

There is no mistaking her now as a mother-to-be. Maternity clothes are now a necessity. Always tiny, she's never been bigger than she is now. Her growing shape is the only change that she has gone through. She remains more herself then ever. Witty, stylish and with her usual sharp, cynical sense of humor. She is my wife, plus one. She hasn't been hijacked by hormones or lost herself in the role of nurturing mother-goddess. Which we both joke would be just unbearable for both of us. I continue to be surprised at how well she is handling this first pregnancy.

Grace. My love has it in spades, always has. Lucky me.

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