Monday, October 29, 2007

Baby Baghdad, Where Are You?

A really nice trip to Dallas made for a relaxing weekend. But my search for weirdness before the trip was fruitless. Unlike Houston, Dallas (as far as I can tell) likes the status quo. Right before returning home, I was given a tantalizing lead. Somewhere in the city, a recreation of Baghdad. My friend knew that the band Faux Fox had found several blocks that looked like the Iraqi capital and used it for their album cover. After arriving back in Houston, I found all I needed to make another Dallas trip worthwhile.

BMW in Baghdad, originally uploaded by alexmuse.

Baghdad, Iraq (in South Dallas) - a photoset on Flickr "This is the set for the 'Saving Jessica Lynch' movie filmed in Dallas. Still there as of July 2006."

Despite the lack of weirdness that I usually need in a trip, the weekend away was great and much needed. And our lovely Vegas friend turned us on to Campisi's Egyptian Italian Restaurant.

Campisi's Egyptian Restaurant - Wikipedia

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