Sunday, September 02, 2007

Baby Instructions and Advice from the Internet and Other Reading Materials

Babies with blades, no brainer.

Baby/daddy/parent blogs have become pretty regular reading in the last couple of months. Even before pending fatherhood I was reading daddytypes. So far, the additional sites are pretty hit-or-miss, and much depends on how amused I am after reading the posts. But some of the best advice isn't from online but materials straight from the doctor's office. Some of the provided info makes a point of not assuming the gender of the kid. There are times when they should.

"If you plan on having your baby circumcised, let us know soon after his/her birth (sic) this will usually be done before you leave the hospital."

Um, no. (-- OMG -- Ed) Now on to the parenting/pop culture quote of the day.

"But sorry, lady. You’re three. You’re not wearing makeup. Really. So you can stop asking. It’s not happening. But you don’t stop. And I’m not surprised. I have to admit, though, I was a little taken aback by what you said the last time you were denied:

“But David Bowie wears makeup!”

Touché, Ms. Gladstone, touché. I’m not sure how a grown Englishman’s early 70s experiments with androgyny entitle a three-year-old girl to wear lipstick, but at least you shut us up."

Full story here at And I Was Afraid My Bowie Love Would Warp The Boy : Left Unsaid on I found the baby shaving poster here but saw it originally on some Russian site which I can't find. Again, a shout-out to K for editing.

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