Thursday, August 16, 2007

Home Sweet Houston

Today Houston was a torrent of rain, with intersection flooded and a fountain of sewage near the Allen parkway.

And now a recap of our trip...

Left Atlanta Saturday night.
Arrived in Houston late Sunday afternoon.
823 miles over 1 short/1 long day.
15 hours of driving (timid driving until my nerves calmed down, meal breaks, Alabama fog and much construction on the I-10 in Texas.)

Back on the day of our arrival we were met with a couple of friend’s friend’s who had volunteered to help unload our fully-laden truck. They couldn't have been more helpful, powering through all our assorted boxes, furniture and miscellaneous crap. 2 and ½ hours later, we finished up. The beer had been drunk, but there was still our offer of dinner. One mover took us up on it while the other left with a rain check. We ate at the nearby House of Pies, which is a perfect place to go when feeling gross, under-dressed and exhausted. We liked it so much we did breakfast there in the morning.

At the nearby coffee house Café Artiste I was looking out the window at a new Scion XB and thought that the front of the hood hand a perfect place to mount a couple of horns. I’m pretty well settled with the idea of being Texan. Well, at least a Houstonian.

Now we are still settling in to our new apartment where our landlord had supplied us with breakfast fixings and a departing tenant said that our landlord was really nice and we would love it here.

Feeling good so far.

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Bill Shirley said...

Sounds like you're in the Montrose, so I'm sure you did see some water today.