Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Drink, Kolaches & :Weekend in Review

The nice thing about my new neighborhood is walking to the bar, specifically the W. Alabama Icehouse. I'd never been to an outdoors bar, where the dogs roam free, people can bring their kids (now, that's good parenting) and everyone complains about the Texas heat. I was there with some people until midnight. That's when they start closing up shop because its surrounded by homes and apartment. As I walked back home on the dark streets, I kept on passing houses with newspapers on the lawns and had to resist the urge to steal them. Beer (all two of them) does lead to criminal tendencies!

There was a need for donuts, so I searched online and found Shipley's Do-Nuts, "Making Life Delicious in Houston since 1936." My wife's craving for sugar donuts were more than met and I had my first kolache. I plan on having many more! Damn tasty and cheap.

After getting our breakfast (at 2:30pm) we went to the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft before the Richard Black: The Art of Cue show ended on Sunday. This was our first visit and I was impressed with exhibition spaces and the curated shows. The pool cues created by Richard Black are such compact and complex creations. And the contemporary basket show was better than its topic would suggest. The great thing about contemporary crafts (as opposed to contemporary fine arts) is that even when a piece isn't that interesting or compelling, it still can be appreciated for the for the inherent skill that it took to create it. It's the opposite of the "a kid could do that" reaction that much modern art evokes.

I'm looking forward to more shows there. Plus the nice guy manning the front desk said the MFA might be looking for art installers and I'm itching to start working again.


Bill Shirley said...

Ahh, the West Alabama Ice House. They have a few very haggard regulars that you'll notice on multiple visits. Try out T.K. Bitterman's across the street and down a bit (looks like a white house).

The Icehouse closes at midnight because they have an "ice house" license from the TABC, which only allows beer a wine sales and only till midnight (1am on saturday).

It's a considerably cheaper license to obtain.

Mr. Kimberly said...

"It's a considerably cheaper license to obtain."

It shows in nicely cheap beer prices.