Sunday, June 24, 2007

The New Sound: The Noise in My Head

One of my big regrets having lived in Atlanta all this time is never hitting the Decatur Social Club. The glitchy electro and French dance the kids have been playing always got me interested. But I am old and wasted my young energy decades ago and don't have any to spare now a days.

But it doesn't keep me from filling the iPod with all sorts of hellacious electronic noise. My newest purchase, Teenage Bad Girl's Cocotte off of iTunes. I'm a big fan of the huge, jagged -wave synth sound that's coming out of France. Justice are DJs/band that has that sort of sound. July 10th has them dropping their latest noise attack on the states.

Does It Offend You, Yeah is an unsigned DJ who put out a great DJ mix (downloadable MP3) on London's XFM. Also on my radar is Kissy Sell Out.

But the ones who do it most for me and the ones who I think are going to be around the most are Soulwax. After putting out a perfectly good album (Any Minute Now) that was better than 80% of the stuff released, the boy who are both a band and DJ's remixed the whole album and created a monster that always pleases (Nite Versions).

So I'm older than I ever was and now I'm getting older. But it don't mean I have the "oldies, but moldies" playing on the stereo. I'm hoping the neighbor's complaints will keep me young.

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