Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Orleans-Style Snowballs, On Ponce

After this Atlanta Exxon Mobile gas station refused to help a stabbing victim, no one should support the business. But that being said, do stop by for the snowballs by Orleagian Snowballs. The business started by former New Orleans residents is run independently of the Exxon Mobile.

Today, I spotted the bright green cart in the gas station's lot (on Ponce and Moreland) and hoped to visit it soon. Having seen the cart on Piedmont and Monroe, I was pleased to find them closer to home. 'Soon' turned into this afternoon and I was getting a sugar fix with the missus. Joining us was a friend that never had one before (New Orleans style that is).

Owner Kenneth Woodfin describes the snowball (on Atlanta Cuisine Restaurant Talk) this way, "An Orleagian Snowball is an addictive frozen dessert that consists of tightly packed snow drenched with choices or combinations of up to 30 handmade flavored syrups. In addition, its lactose and fat free."

While not officially open, someone (possibly Kenneth) was there prepping the new stand. This is apparently the second one the displaced New Orleaneans have opened. Despite him planning on opening tomorrow, he was happy to give us what we came for, 2 small Dreamcicles and one 1 small cherry. Seriously nice guy!

So, go already.

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Greg said...

Funny you mention that, I've been working with former co-workers to develop their website, appearing soon at an obvious URL near you

Thomas said...

How is this different from a snow cone?

Also, those of us that grew up in the northern Atlanta suburbs remember a chain of places called "Hawaiian Ice." They were little stands, smaller than the old fotomats that stood in parking lots of various shopping centers in Marietta and elsewhere. They were open Memorial to Labor day and offered simply the best, and largest snow cones I've ever had in something like forty flavors.

The last one I remember closed about seven years ago, most apity.

Mr. Kimberly said...

Thomas... I think the difference is that the ice is shaved instead of ground up. I like the texture more. This place is great, you should treat yourself to a snowball and judge for yourself.

Greg... if you're inclined I'd be happy to post a link here to the Orleagian site.