Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Music

So, is it any good? Ehh... you tell me.

I had been working on songs for almost a year when the computer suffered a bit technical difficulties. All that music gone, except for a few remaining files. Some songs are more finished then others. Now hosted freely on (for downloadable MP3s) , I put a few surviving files up for public scrutiny. On the player, select a song to hear.

Rarely do I feel like I made something I set out to. I love bands/DJ's like Justice, Soulwax, Whitey, Erol Aklan and other mostly dance-happy, electronic bands. But I haven't made anything that reached their caliber. And probably won't.

The main reason I put the music there is that some of the music I found online is really obscure and/or odd but I like it. But it was put out there to be found. If someone is happy to keep one of these songs as their own, I've done the same as someone did for me. Since I haven't spent any real money, I can't complain. Originally created on Apple's free software, hosted freely at and streaming with free code... I can afford that.

And more music will be added in the future as it gets finished.

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