Saturday, May 19, 2007

Weekend Update: Ma-Li, "Hot Fuzz", Chocolate Pink, Lavapolloza

Does it count when the weekend fun starts on Thursday?

Amongst the many things done, we started with the last showing of "Hot Fuzz". The fanboys on Ain't It Cool have been going nutty about this one, and combined with reviews from online friends, I had high hopes. The movie was great and I think Simon Pegg (writer/actor) can do no wrong.

A walk to sweets-shop Chocolate Pink was another treat at week's end. I like their signature cake, the Chocolate Pink, and their decor inside pretty nice as well.

A Thai food craving was sated at Ma-Li, where I've yet to have a bad meal. Our favorite Thai food place in town.

We hit Lavapolloza on Saturday with a friend of my wife's, who much to my pleasure drove. The music and food were good, the clientel DEEE-RUNK!

On Sunday, it was a walk to the Midtown Art Cinema for Spiderman (**1/2) and a short shopping trip to Trader Joe's.

All in all, a very nice way to spend the days with the missus.

(Listening to Mr. Hopkinson's Computer ™

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