Thursday, May 31, 2007

Houston: New Beginnings Again

Now that she handed in her resignation, I've been given permission to blog about this. The missus has a new job in Houston, TX . While I've never had much of an interest in the Lone Star state, the brief research I've done on Houston has piqued my interest. Things to look forward to about my new city :

National Museum of Funeral History "Experience the skill and workmanship of 100 years ago as you enter an authentically recreated Casket Factory set in the early 1900's." Come on, that exciting stuff, people! Also, glass caskets and contemporary African fantasy coffins.

The Orange Show - Starting as a one man's attempt to make the single greatest attraction in the country, the Orange Show Center for the Visionary Arts is now home to Jeff McKissack's strange home/homage to his favorite fruit, are also renovating the Beer Can House and offer Eyeopener Tours, "...Eyeopeners, we called the tour, 'places that made you stop, look and look again.' At our committee meetings, we tried to outdo each other in bringing the most interesting food, the best story, a great new sighting."

The Art Car Museum
- Houston is home to loads of people taking cars and transforming them into eccentric pieces of art. Also see: Houston Art Car Parade 2006 - a photoset on Flickr

All in all, promising stuff.

We have a couple of months before the move. Started to amass a collection of Houston blogs, while somewhat informative but so far fewer Houston bloggers than I expected in a city that size.

I'm also starting the process of disconnecting from Atlanta. It has begun in simple ways, starting with unsubscribing to local online mailing lists for galleries and music venues. That was the easy part. The hard one, telling one of my employers who I like very much. They had been using me exclusively for art installation and I've really enjoyed working with them. So, I'll miss them much. When I did it, they were pretty excited for my wife, and offered to recommend me to anyone who called. Plus, an artist they rep lives in Houston so I might have someone to talk to there about opportunities.


Rebecca said...

I just moved from Houston to the Atlanta area last week. The Funeral Museum is a waste, I'm sorry to say.

If you have any Houston related questions, feel free to contact me via my blog at . Good luck!

mingaling said...

Aww, best of luck. We'll miss you!

Rusty said...

Glad I got to know you some while you were here. I hope you'll keep blogging. Best of luck to you in your new home town!