Monday, April 09, 2007

Travel (In-State), Travel (To San Francisco), and Travel (Hypothetical)

Did you know that The Peach State has a grape-themed highway. The Georgia Wine Highway is just that highway, and last week me and the missus hit a couple of the vineyards in the northern part of the state. A late start meant only getting to visit two places, but the vino-loving better half enjoyed the free wine from Frogtown Cellars and BlackStock Vineyards and Winery.

BlackStock Vineyards also had the added benefit of having small animals nearby. Goats are strange with their sideways eyes. Weird, I tell you!

In a few short days, I will be heading to San Francisco for another cruiseship job . I like the city but doubt I will see much of it at all. Hopefully a meal at Mel's if I have the time.

Finally, we are starting to discuss the merits of different places to visit. I say Hong Kong for the inexpensive hand-tailored men's suits. Suggestions, recommendations, horrifying tales of unending fear. Do tell. In the mean time, enjoy this website from Vice magazine

VICE: The Vice Guide to Travel

Places visited include:
The Gun Markets of Pakistan
Aryans in Paraguay
The Congo (for dinosaur hunting!)
The Slums of Rio...

(Hosted by this very white guy in a suit, while attending a party thrown by druglords!)

...and many, many more!

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