Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ATL Happenings: Mom-n-Pop, Mod Homes & Derby

First, a thanks to Creative Loafing's Bad Habits blog for mentioning me in their Atlanta Blogs Today: PBJ-AJC-WTF post. The spike in visitor traffic was a nice ego boost. And for those who are reading because of CL, don't make it your last visit here.

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Spring is back, making Atlanta particularly enjoyable. Its nice to return to the city in its lovely state, and this coming weekend is providing me with three things of interest.

First: the ATL:MODERN HOME TOUR - April 27-29th - 2007: "The 2007 ATL:Modern Home Tour will focus on showcasing exemplary examples for living modern through lifestyle, architecture, interior design, and landscaping. Homes range from the classic postmodern to the state-of-the-art contemporary."

Yes, I would like to see great architecture that I will never be able to afford. Thanks for letting me past the gate.

Second: my mom and pop are visiting. As snowbirds, they are driving from Florida back to their home in the north. I always look forward to their visits as they actually treat me as a competent adult. They still have the usual parental concerns, but I'm aware that I'm lucky have parents that managed to let go in ways certain parents can't.

Third: Atlanta Roller Girls Rollerderby!

I've missed 3 season games, and this weekend has the local girls playing the Pikes Peak Derby Dames of Colorado Spring, CO. This coincides with my mom and dad arriving. While my mom has a deep dislike of rollerderby and wrestling due to her mom's love of the sports (yes I know some will raise an eyebrow at using the word "sports"... deal). Apparently , Grandma Gates got pretty vocal while watching her favorite forms of televised violence in the family living room. But I hoping dad will join me for the game. He's a people person and enjoys a bit of cultural anthropology.

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Atlanta Rollergirl Mini-documentary by Scott Crocker

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Thomas said...

I see the posters for roller derby every time I go into the brewhouse and I keep telling myself I'm going to go but I never seem to remember.

Maybe now I will.