Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Return from Sea: Back From The Cruiseship

I've had one full day back on land, having worked a cruiseship for 13 days. It was 11 work days and two of travel. The company I worked for updated and installed new theatrical lighting systems aboard the ship. No better way to keep me off-line than charging 75 cents a minute for Internet access, ,.

It was the hardest work I've done in years, consecutive 14-hours days with a 21-hour day the second to last night worked. Grueling to be sure, but the final installation was a sight to behold, a beautiful collection of high-tech lighting features with not a cable to be seen. Its a tough thing to make such a complex installation look simple. But that's the job. It did suck much being atop a ladder, reaching overhead while on at sea under power. Coupldn't be happier now that I'm home.

Now I am here, blogging, uploading pictures to the computer and recuperating. A much needed massage was had earlier in the day, and a visit to the chiropractor tomorrow will sort my back out some more.

I return to an Atlanta in full bloom and pollinating like crazy. Its nice to see trees and animals, things not seen on a ship.


Thomas said...

Think about how much easier everything will seem now that all of your work will be of that boring, the-whole-room-remains-stationary variety.

Robert said...

Hey Thomas,

Thanks for reading.

I could never be a cubicle person. Never have been, never will.

It was just at certain points in the trip a co-worker and I talked about how we were looking at things on the ground and how we would try to not hit them as we fell off our ladders. We were that tired that we were just planning our accidents.

Not bitching, just saying.

hunter said...

I can totally relate. I put myself through college by gaffing up telephone poles for a utility company. You know, those things sway A LOT the higher you climb. If I got nervous, I would concentrate on planning my fall, which usually culminated in my being impaled on a wrought iron fence post. Needless to say, this didn't help calm my nerves!

Robert said...


Thanks for reading.

That's funny that you were in the same mindset as us. I wouldn't have thought telephone poles swayed. But that shows you what little I know.