Monday, January 29, 2007

This Weekend in Culture: Movies, Monsters, Authors, Puppets and God

While handing me a book, she said, "Expand your brain but don't take too long it do it." My wife has been reading Female Chauvinst Pigs, and between her comments and Ariel Levy's appearance on The Colbert Report, my interest has been piqued. So I'll be reading that sometime this coming week. But quickly as ordered so the borrowed book can be returned.

As for what we did over the weekend, here's rundown:

Friday night, the good/not great movie Idiocracy and an unexpected viewing of Friends of God: A Road Trip With Alexandra Pelosi. Unexpected in that we planned diner and the movie at a friend's house and after "Idoicracy" she started up the Pelosi documentary. I had only heard a little about it on Ain't It Cool. Scary and intriguing.

Saturday night was spent in "Pan's Labyrinth". At Mid-Town Cinema the entrance sign to the theater just said "Labyrinth" having my wife sighed that she'd love to see the David Bowie movie up on a big screen. He was pretty dreamy back in the day. Still is, from what some of the girls are saying.

And Sunday it was "Tales of Edgar Allan Poe" at the Center for Puppetry Arts.

All in all, a nice weekend. We seem to meeting our goal of taking advantage of Atlanta's cultural offering's.


mingaling said...

How was Poe?

Robert said...

Poe was pretty good.  The sets were stark and used creatively in a variety of settings.  A cabinet became a ship, for example.  The three puppeteers/actors were always seen, something that took a little getting used to.  The Halloween show had the benefit of being a variety show, so there were movements of humor to lighten the mood.  The Poe was pretty solemn throughout, and his language isn't the most natural.  

But I really like seeing things there, so, from 1 to 10, I would rate it a 7. With the disclaimer that I think you'd be hard pressed to spend the money for something else as worthy.