Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post-Christmas Trip: Philadelphia

I'm in the cradle of American democracy tonight, accompanying my wife on a business trip. When our trips revolve around her work, we have concluded that for me the attractions usually breakdown to 'Things Made to Look like Big Things" and "Anything Masonic".

The "big thing" in the trip was supposed to be the recreation of Noah's Ark on the I-68 in Maryland. But all that we saw was a bare framework of metal I-beams. I had thought about documenting the place for fans for such things, but at such an incomplete state it wasn't worth getting off the highway. Pastor Richard Greene had a vision in 1974 of the Rebuilding Of Noah's Ark. He hasn't much to show for it Fortunately, someone else took the picture for me.

Someone With WAY Too Much Time On Their Hands
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As for "Anything Masonic", our huge corner hotel room on Penn Square overlooks The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania. Not even a half-block away. And there are public tour! Yes.

Plus, there is the Mutter Museum in Philly.

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When we drove through Lexington, KY in the afternoon, we passed the lovely sign for the Parkette Drive-In. By day it looks promising, and at night its a true thing of beauty. Gotta love the carhop on top. We also saw another great sign, that will keep until next post.

The Lexington, Kentucky Parkette Drive In
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Parkette Drive-In, Lexington KY
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