Sunday, September 03, 2006

Double Bubble Bubble Cars! Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum

Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum Panorama
Originally uploaded by Mr. Kimberly.

After all this time of thinking about tiny-car goodness in nearby Madison, GA, all 6 rechargable batteries that I took on my roadtrip were pretty much dead. So when we got to the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum that meant fewer pictures than hoped for.

But it also meant I actually looked at all the candy-colored motorized treats. Bruce Weiner, former owner of Double Bubble Bubblegum (seriously!), is spending much money on a larger and still growing collection of microcars. Much in the same way that a puppy is cuter than a grown dog, these miniaturized-but-roadworthy cars are seriously charming. Retro fantastic and beautifully restored, this museum is a worthwhile and cheap roadtrip from Atlanta.

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