Thursday, September 14, 2006

Art Installation, Rollerderby, Etc: Week in Review

This week has been a long one of art installation at GSU's Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design Gallery. "BRAZIL PROJECT: One River: Two Views & Palmo Quadrado" took 5 tough days to install, and left me fried I couldn't recall the artists on display.  But fortunately I don't have to...

...from the GSU BRAZIL PROJECT website, "...Curated by Welch School faculty member Pam Longobardi, One River: Two Views is an exhibition of Brazil-inspired works by artists Jacqueline Bishop, of New Orleans, Louisiana, and Bob Nugent, of Sonoma, California. Nugent has organized Palmo Quadrado, the touring exhibition of small works by contemporary Brazilian artists also on display..."

The different artists' works are pretty strong and anyone down near Peachtree Center between Decatur and Gilmer should hit the gallery.  

Support the arts and all that.

The much-needed break on the weekend was the Atlanta Rollergirls season championship.  Fantastic bout, marked by the best, aggressive, fast play we had seen, lots of trips to the penalty box and a final tie that resulted in a 2 minute overtime.  Final score - Sake Tuyas 104, Apocalypstix 101.

The regular season is over which means the Atlanta league will be playing its all-star team against traveling teams The Sin City Neanderdolls (Las Vegas, Nevada) , Tragic City Rollergirls (Birmingham, Alabama) , and Dixie Derby Girls (Huntsville, Alabama).

Upcoming work is setting up/tearing down a jazz show at the Ferst Center (Earl Klugh), more weekend art installation, and a day of rest.

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