Wednesday, August 16, 2006

When the Daily Show is Even Better than It Should Be...

I've been watching the Daily Show since before Jon Stewart started hosting it.  Since his time at the show, it's been turned into one of the wittiest, sharpest, and most critical "comedy" shows today.  But one of last week's shows was a highwater mark in intelligence and risk taking, with its introduction of Aasif Mandvi, the show's Muslim correspondent.  Watch and see some of the edgiest satire I've seen.

Daily Show - Aasif Mandvi

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Andy said...

This has nothing to do with your Daily Show post, though I completely agree with you that it's the best (and perhaps the only) vehicle for social criticism that's really relevant. I am instead writing in response to a post you made regarding E.L. Trouvelot, 19th century astronmer and painter. You mentioned that prints are available online for $30, but I have been unable to find them anywhere. If you have a link to a site where I can purchase these, I'd really appreciate it. You can email me at