Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A PhD: Like Having a Brand New Wife!

Having defended her dissertation, my wife is now a Doctor!  And has been for some time.  She is no longer consumed with writing more chapters nor preparing to take on questions by her committee.  All the things that ate up her time in that regard are now over with, and that means that we get to have a life and explore Atlanta (and Georgia as well).

So, our week has been spent traveling in search of signs of the NWO in east Georgia (The Georgia Guidestones), seeing a theatrical production at Oglethorpe U. ("Departures" by Oglethorpe graduate David-Matthew Barnes), and getting to see the last pre-championship bout of the Atlanta Rollergirls (The Sake Tuyas killed the Toxic Shocks in a great game).

We also searched for a grill and a punching bag for the little woman.  Yeah, summer.

The great thing about travel is new places and wildlife...

Colbert, GA

Tiny frog in my hand at Watson Mill Bridge State Park.

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duane said...

tell her a big CONGRATS from me! What an achievement!