Saturday, July 01, 2006

Screen on the Green & Getting Some Green Fairy!

Good question, originally uploaded by mingaling.

Thursday night was spent with bloggers for the last Screen on the Green.  Piedmont Park was packed with people, parents and kids for Willy Wonka.

Amongst those in attendance:

Daily Dose of Dave
Lady Crumpet
Mostly Muppet
and Mr. P'body.

Also there were non-blogging partners/spouses, bloggers I am forgetting, and Duane's new girlfriend.  Turned out the most entertaining part of the night was not the movie, but Mostly Muppet's crazy/cute kid and her booty shaking.  She was loving Duane and Bobafred. How can one argue against procreation when there are kids that cute?  It totally cuts down whatever arguments I try to make when one giggly dance routine destroys my resolve.

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"Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker..."

Absinthe.  A notorious liquor with an undeserved reputation for causing hallucinations, madness and violence.  Long regulated or banned since the turn of the century in America, Africa and European countries, new E.U. laws are allowing for its revival. New Orleans chemist T. A. Breaux reformulated a recipe from a rare and unopened bottle, and has since started creating several different lines of absinthe.

I am working on getting some for myself.  Specifically a bottle from T. A. Breaux's Jade Liqueurs.  A friend visiting Germany for the World Cup has graciously said that he would try to find some while there.  While not illegal to possess in the States, the real stuff is not sold here, thus the international search.

Interesting video interview with the chemist, showcasing vintage absinthe preparation apparatus.

Wired Magazine Article The Mystery of the Green Menace


Seth said...

Thanks for the kind words about my little girl.

She had a great time on Thursday night and I'm happy that everyone enjoyed her just as much.

bobafred said...

Team Awesome babysitting?

Mr. P'body said...

Label me as one of those blogging spouses please.