Saturday, July 08, 2006

Buildings I Want to Buy in Atlanta: 292 Moreland Ave, Atlanta GA

There's an old mansion on 292 Moreland that my wife and I have always commented on.  Mainly the comments sound like, "Let's buy that" or something to that effect.  Yesterday I stopped by the old building and saw a sign saying the "Wrecking Bar is now closed." Starting with that business name, the internet led me to finding all I could want to know about the Victor Hugo Kriegshaber Mansion.  

The realtor selling the property has a great downloadable PDF flyer (complete with neighborhood statistics and building floorplans) and the Atlanta Urban Design Commission has a detailed residential and commercial history of the building.

Finally, the latest chapter of the building was written about in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 2004, and reposted on Candler Park's Community Bulletin Board.  Here is the all-too typical story of the building's last owner, Wilma Stone.

"'I had such grandiose ideas for an elegant restaurant or a bed and breakfast,' Stone says.

But that was before her rheumatoid arthritis became so painful, before both her hips needed replacing. Stone opted recently to close her architectural salvage business, an icon called the Wrecking Bar, and sell the place to someone who would renovate it."


hakeber said...

The architect is from my hometown! You should buy it... even though I don't think I've ever noticed that building before.

Amber said...

It's 292 Moreland, not Monroe. And I've wondered about that house, too. There's another building nearby that's equally cool.

Robert said...

Noted, corrected, now feeling a little dumb.

Beth said...

So ... are you going to buy it? I've always loved that building.