Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Roadtrip East: The Sun Has Rize... The Sun Has Set...

... and here we is in Texas yet. Thanks to the trooper that pulled us over.

Otherwise we would have been able to make Shreveport, LA. But no!... I had to go the speed limit. Oh, well, at least I just got a warning. Probably got off easier then the guy we passed, who was Driving-While-Black. I'll be happy to be out of Texas.

Before leaving Amarrillo, we stopped by Cadillac Ranch.

non-scandinavian fins, originally uploaded by mslootheer.

The night before, we took a little side trip off of the I-40 in Tucumari, NM. Its one of those little towns that prospered when Route 66 was in its prime, but has since lost most of its businesses. But amongst the closed gas stations and motels was the Blue Swallow.

Blue Swallow Motel, originally uploaded by DancingElephant.

If we hadn't reserved a motel room in Amarillo, we would have stayed there in a heartbeat. The motel has only 11 rooms and each one has a garage attached. The owner even gave a us a tour of one of the rooms, cute! Even had vintage phones. After that, we had an amazing meal at Del's Restaurant. A steak dinner with all the fixings, saladbar, soup for $9.99. So much better then we would have had at the Denny's. And great service, highly recommended. Once again, it proves that its good to get off the highway.

Again, more pictures to be posted.

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Amber said...

Wow, I love the Blue Swallow Motel sign! That is some serious neon goodness. Too bad you didn't stay there. Vintage phones? Awesome.