Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Music: Mine, Grant's and Muse's

I've wasted much of the morning using Apple's Garageband program to screw with songs of my own, plus a couple of midis pulled from the internet.  The tunes will never amount to anything significant, but its fun noodling around with them

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Big-time news for an Atlanta stagehand/musician friend of mine.  Grant Davis (pictured above with Arlo Guthrie) just got signed to Sony.  His music is county/rock, he practically lives at Sidelines, and his album is being played on stations out west from what I heard.  This weekend friends will be getting together to bust his chops and ask for money.  

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I never thought that I would be seeing my favorite british rock band in Atlanta, even though they have played here in the past.  But they'll be at the Tabernacle, August 6th.  Is it stupid that the Tabernacle doesn't have a website?  Anyways, the Muse myspace page is streaming the whole album, which I will be listening to once I am done posting this.  British online music site PlayLouder posted that tonight they will be playing a London show.

"Tonight they play their comeback show at Shepherd's Bush Empire, dubbed The Empire Strikes Back Super Massive Concert, it's a gig for fans only... and PlayLouder, who will be popping along to tell you how it goes. PlayLouder that is, not fans. They'd just scream hysterically in your face while their eyeliner runs everywhere. . .       . . .Go on admit it, it's good isn't it. . . "

New album, coming to the ATL, good?... yes it is!

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